Working for Council

The Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) provides a broad spectrum of services to the community which involves a diverse range of roles throughout the organisation. Some positions within the Regional Council are: customer service, finance, legal, planning and development, telecommunications, human resources, electrical, information technology, aviation and fire service, road works, waste management, environment and management/executive positions.

Vacancies are advertised in The Norfolk Islander as well as on Councils website. Each position advertised includes a position description and specific contact details to make sure you have all the information you need to complete a successful application. A document containing useful information for applying for positions with the Council can be downloaded at the end of this page.

For further information about positions available with Council contact the Human Resource Department

Bicentennial Complex
39 Taylors Rd
Burnt Pine
Norfolk Island, 2899

Telephone: +6723 22001 extension 2



Open Positions

There are currently no open positions being advertised for the Norfolk Island Regional Council
Thank you for your interest.


The Norfolk Island Regional Council will provide local civic leadership and governance through good decision making, accountability and transparency.
We will protect and enhance our unique culture, heritage, traditions and environment for the Norfolk Island people.
We will do this through promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, by looking after our community assets, and by fostering a prosperous economy.

The Norfolk Island Regional Council embraces the following values that were developed in a workshop with the elected Councillors