Integrated Planning

Other Plans

1. Equal Employment Opportunity

2. Tourism Strategic Plan


Integrated Planning Explained

The Local Governments Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework ensures that Councils are prepared to meet and respond to the needs of the community that they serve and are able to plan effectively for the future. The IP&R framework recognises that most communities share similar aspirations: a safe, healthy and pleasant place to live, a sustainable environment, opportunities for social interaction, training and employment, and reliable infrastructure.

The Norfolk Island Regional Council has prepared the following core plans to meet their IP&R requirements and to achieve and fulfil the objectives of the community:

Community Strategic Plan (CSP) - The CSP is a long-term visionary document, laying the foundation for Council’s work over the next 10-year plus period. This CSP will guide Councillors, Council staff, the community and other stakeholders into the future in order to endeavour to fulfil the aspirations of the Norfolk Island Community. The aim is to drive all actions towards a sustainable community where resources are managed in a way to ensure a flourishing environment for future generations.

Delivery Program - The Delivery Program is created by each new Council and establishes a 4-year rolling program of actions, detailing the key activities and services provided by the Council. It sets out the actions that Councillors have committed to undertake in their four-year term of office. In line with the IP&R Framework, these actions are consistent with the strategic objectives detailed in the Community Strategic Plan 2016 - 2026.

Operational Plan - an Operational Plan is developed each year highlighting the priorities and responsibilities for the coming 12 month period. It is outcome focused with actions set to achieve identified targets for the year. It also identifies the need to develop various plans and strategies to ensure that the Regional Council carries out its functions in a systematic manner. The Operational Plan allocates responsibilities for each deliverable as well as key performance indicators to ensure accountability and forward progress. It includes a detailed annual budget, revenue policy and schedule of fees and charges.

The Delivery Program and Operational Plan translate the long term vision set down by the Community Strategic Plan into tangible projects, programs and works.

Resourcing Strategy - The Resourcing Strategy ensures that Council has the right funds, assets and people to deliver on its commitments made in the CSP, Delivery Program and Operational Plan. It involves the strategic management of resources and matching of priorities and actions to be delivered by Council and it contains three key elements:

  • Long Term Financial Plan
  • Workforce Management Plan
  • Asset Management Plans – Buildings, Fleet, Infrastructure and Roads

Other Strategic Plans for Norfolk Island - during the creation of the inaugural CSP for Norfolk Island in 2016, it was identified that it would be beneficial for Norfolk Island to also have additional Strategic Plans.  Five were identified:

  • Government Businesses Strategy
  • Economic Development Strategy
  • Heritage and Culture Strategy
  • Environment Strategy and
  • Equity, Ethics and Probity Strategy. 

Whilst these additional strategies are not formally part of the required Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, Council is working towards creating these new and additional strategies.

Other Plans - In compliance with the Local Government Act 1993 Council will develop other plans, for example:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan 2016-2020. The objects are to ‘eliminate and ensure the absence of discrimination in employment on the grounds of race, sex, marital or domestic status and disability’ and ‘to promote equal employment opportunity for women, members of racial minorities and persons with disabilities’.


More information regarding the NSW IP&R Framework is available by visiting: