Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee

The Heritage and Culture Advisory Committees primary role is to advise Council on the Heritage and Culture Strategy and to actively promote heritage and culture in the Norfolk Island community. The advisory committee members role includes assisting with the formulation of a Heritage and Culture Strategy, including community consultation, organising and / or promoting cultural events, as well as making recommendations to the Norfolk Island Regional Council.

The committee consists of a maximum of eight voting members:

  • The Mayor
  • One Councillor
  • One representative from the Council of Elders
  • One representative from the Norfolk Island Central School
  • One representative from the Norfolk Island Historical Society
  • Three community members
The Committee meet every month on the fourth Friday of the month at 4:00pm.
When positions become available on Council advisory committees, an advert calling for expressions of interest is placed in the local newspaper.
For more information on advisory committees contact customercare [at] nirc.gov.nf (subject: Advisory%20Committee%20Information) (Customer Care)