Public Officer

The functions of the Public Officer include:

  • dealing with requests from the public concerning the Council's affairs
  • the responsibility of assisting people to gain access to public documents
  • to receive submissions made to the Council
  • to accept service of documents on behalf of the Council
  • to represent the Council in any legal or other proceedings
  • other functions as may be conferred or imposed on the Public Officer by the General Manager or, by legislation.

The position of Public Officer within the Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) is held by the General Manager, Andrew Roach. This position is separate from the Freedom of Information Officer and Councils Complaints Officer (Margaret Hoekstra, Governance Coordinator).

For information in relation to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests please see page

For information relating to Councils complaints process see page

The Public Officer can be contacted by:

Telephone: +6723 22001

Email:  regionalcouncil [at]

Postal Address
PO Box 95
Norfolk Island 2899