Buy Local


It is important that the Norfolk Island Regional Council supports economic growth within the community by encouraging residents to buy local where possible. At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 20 December 2017, the Council unanimously approved a recommendation that:

  1. Council execute a ‘Buy Local’ campaign to support the local economy;
  2. Council create a strong voice for local business in media while guiding the community to buy local and also recognising that off-shore businesses have a place in the economy.

Supporting local business helps maintain sustainable communities. It provides valuable benefits including:

  • Employment stability and generation;
  • Enhanced economic multiplier effect; 
  • A reduction in carbon footprints;
  • Enhanced community spirit.

Locally owned businesses provide many economic benefits to a community. Local people who own businesses live in the community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s future. Shopping at local businesses creates more local jobs than shopping at major chains or online companies. Local businesses not only pay their employees, they also spend money at other local businesses. That means by buying local, you help create jobs for your family, friends and neighbours, contribute to improved public infrastructure, and invest in your community both socially and economically.

Council also recognises that there is a place for off-shore shopping however, a ‘Buy Local’ campaign will assist the local economy to prosper. Independent businesses and the public spaces surrounding them are key environments for supporting the casual relationships that create community cohesiveness and trust. When shopping alone, online replaces personal interactions and community bonds weaken.

Each one of us has an important role to play in creating a vibrant community and healthy economy that works for all of us. Our everyday decisions have powerful impacts, especially when it comes to the businesses we support. There are many ways to be a localist but the simplest is to start with a commitment to buy local first. The ‘Buy Local’ campaign makes it easy to find what you need locally, celebrate the place we live, and put what matters most first. Keep the dollars supporting your community and build an economy that works for everyone by choosing local first.


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