Waste and Environmental Service

Water Assurance Scheme, waste management, pest and noxious weed control, the environment and public health all fall under the Waste and Environment section of the Council. This Department operates to protect the Island’s biodiversity, environment and the community’s public health through the implementation of the below legislation:

  •     Public Health Act 1996
  •     Sale of Food Act 1950 (licensing and food standards)
  •     Health Act 1913 (septic tanks, water quality, etc)
  •     Health Regulations
  •     Sale of Tobacco Act 2004 (licensing and compliance)
  •     Environment Act 1990
  •     Plant and Fruit Disease Act 1959
  •     Animals (Importation) Act 1983
  •     Stock Diseases Act 1936
  •     Weights Act 1926
  •     Dangerous Drugs Act 1927
  •     Customs Act 1913
  •     Water Assurance Charges Act 1991

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