Water Assurance Scheme

Norfolk Island has a centralised sewerage system, known as the Water Assurance Scheme, servicing the built-up areas of Burnt Pine and Middlegate, located in the centre of the island.

This system was constructed in the late 1980s after it was discovered that the groundwater supply was heavily contaminated from effluent disposal, due to poorly located and managed onsite wastewater treatment.

The treatment process employs the use of rotating biological contactors (RBC). The effluent is treated and both solids and liquids are disposed of in a small bay, south of the Headstone Creek, into the ocean. 

The centralised collection system uses conventional gravity-fed methods to transport the effluent to the treatment facility. The system relies on specific grades to allow the force of gravity to transport effluent.

The following Figure 2.1 shows the location of the current wastewater collection and treatment facility, including the seven pump stations and the outfall which releases the effluent into the ocean.

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