The radio station is an important community service that disseminates information from all sources and delivers this to the community: from broadcasting the Council updates, death and funeral notices (onshore and offshore), interviews, shipping news, local notices, birthday requests, aircraft and weather information as well as other information relating to sports and businesses. Radio is still the most effective method to get information to the community during the day. Where required the station broadcasts out of hours with any environmental danger alerts such as cyclone, earthquake or tsunami information. The site is also home to Norfolk Telecom's satellite and internet O3B dishes and its electronic machinery.

Outside Broadcasts (OB’s) are done on an as needed basis, predominantly for the Norfolk Island Central School (NICS) and other local sporting facilities.

Radio is an essential service and is funded by the Norfolk Island Regional Council. To supplement the radio budget, a small sponsorship scheme was commenced in 1991 in a format similar to the Australian community stations sponsorship.

Radio Norfolk transmits in both AM and FM frequencies of 89.9FM and 1566AM, and during Island wide power outages, the 1566AM service will still be operational to serve the community.

The Broadcasting section includes the local Broadcasting Service “Radio Norfolk” as well as offshore television services and ABC radio services that are re-transmitted to the island.

Other FM stations available include:
* ABC Regional (satellite relay from ABC Dubbo, NSW) on 95.9FM;
* ABC Radio National on 91.9FM; and
* ABC JJJ on 79.9FM

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