Liquor Bond

The Liquor Bond is responsible for the:

  • sole importation of Liquor products into Norfolk Island
  • retail sales
  • bulk sales to restaurants, clubs and hotels

The principal function of the Liquor Bond is to provide a service to the public and in doing so return a profit to Councils Revenue Fund.

Hours of Operation

The Liquors Bonds hours of operation have been amended as a result of COVID19 restrictions and reduced visitors numbers to the island.

Monday – Saturday - 10am to 5:30pm
Sunday – Closed

These hours are subject to change in line with the level of restrictions imposed by the Norfolk Island Emergenecy Management committees.

Discount Policy

There are two types of discounts offered by the Liquor Bond:
1. Quantity Discount. This applies to Licensed Premises purchases greater than $1500 and, is applied as follows;
  • $1501 - $2500  a 10% discount
  • $2501 + a 15% discount
Discounts cannot be applied to soft drinks and local liqueurs.
2. Bulk Importation of Wine. This discount (by way of a mark-up of only 20%) is offered on the import of wine with an invoice value in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000) for a single shipment. This type of discount is subject to a number of conditions being:
  • The invoice cost from a single supplier must exceed $5,000.
  • The purchase must have pre-approval of the Liquor Bond Manager, as the Liquor Bond is the sole importer of liquor into Norfolk Island.
  • The purchaser is required to source the supplier and product and, is to place the order with the Liquor Bond Manager. The purchaser accepts the risk for the freighting of the wine.
  • A deposit of 50% of the supplier invoice cost is required at the time that the order is placed.
  • The shipment must be collected from the Liquor Bond within ten days of being advised of the arrival of the shipment.
  • Payment in full must be made prior to the release of the shipment from the Liquor Bond.

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