Lighterage and Ports

The Lighterage service is responsible for the safe movement of cargo, and some passengers, from ship to shore and return.

The objective is to ensure:

  • that an effective and efficient undertaking can continue to provide to the Norfolk Island community the best service available in a safe manner

  • movement of cargo and passengers from ship to shore

  • provide the plant and equipment to undertake this work

The Group Manager services has delegated responsibility under the Lighterage Act 1961 to the Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) who is responsible for maintaining all plant and equipment plus supervising discharge operations.

The current Maritime Security Level for the Port of Norfolk Island is ‘MARSEC1’.
The Port Facility Security Officer can be contacted by emailing PFSO [at] or, by phoning +672 3 22001 during business hours or +672 3 50970 during an emergency or after hours.
A link to the Port Security Zone Mapping is coming soon. If you have any questions, please contact PFSO via email.


There are no permanent staff positions in Lighterage.

Lighterage assets such as the 25 tonne crane and launches are available for private wet-hire.


+6723 22001
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