2016-11 EOI 58_16 Long Term Lease of Cars - Closing 9 December 2016.pdf
2016-11 EOI 59_16 Disposal of Scrap Items - Closing 9 December 2016.pdf
2016-12 EOI 60_16 Foundation Day Production Invitation and Conditions.pdf
2016-12 EOI 60_16 Foundation Day Production re-enactment contract for supply of services.pdf
2016-12 EOI 60_16 Foundation Day Production.pdf
2016-12 EOI 62_16 Supply of Products.pdf
301015-03331-SK01-04 Rev A Headstone Road Culvert.pdf
Addendum Tender 1-14.pdf
Addendum1 RFT NI Land Valuations.pdf
Cleaning Contracts Tender 21.15
Contract for Services Foundation Day 2016
Draft Contract for Services NIA Social Services Domestic Assistance September 2013.pdf
EOI - 1.15 Provision of Road Contruction & Maintenance for ANI
EOI - 18.16 Provision of Election Services to Norfolk Island Administration
EoI - 17.15 Stock Agistment.pdf
EOI - 2.15 Production of 2015 Foundation Day Re-enactment Event
EOI - 21.16 Performance Audit, Gaming Business Enterprise
EOI - 3.15 Exporting of Waste from Norfolk Island
EOI - 36.16 Supply of Trades Services & Materials
EOI - 4.15 Learning & Development - Request for Trainers
EOI - 5.15 Design of High Temperature Incinerator for the Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste
EOI - 51_16 Community Donations Program - Closed 4 November 2016.pdf
EOI - 53_16 Surplus to Requirement John Deere Lawn Mower - Closed 14 November 2016.pdf
EOI - 54_16 Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee - Closed 8 November 2016.pdf
EOI - 55_16 Sustainable Energy Advisory Committee - Closed 8 November 2016.pdf
EOI - 56_16 Planning Assessment Services - Closed 18 November 2016.pdf
EOI - 57_16 Lease of Cars - Closed 18 November 2016.pdf
EOI - Code of Conduct Reviewers - Closing 22 November 2016.pdf
EOI - Code of Conduct Reviewers - Code of Conduct Procedure .pdf
EOI - Review of GST Internal Control Framework & Audit of Business
EOI - Solar PV Oversupply Norfolk Island
EOI - Sub-Lease Ball Bay Depot
EOI 01_17 SALE OF SURPLUS ITEMS TO REQUIREMENT closing 23 January 2017.pdf
EOI 02_17 Code of Conduct Reviewers Advertisement 2017-01.pdf
EOI 61_16 Audit Tender closing 27 January 2017.pdf
EOI Code of Conduct Reviewers.pdf
EOI Public Reserves Advisory Committee.pdf
EOI Rock Feed Source Advisory Committee.pdf
EOI Tourism Advisory Committee.pdf
EOI Waste Management Advisory Committee.pdf
Request for Tender Home Care Services.pdf
Request for Tender No 71-15 Local Government Enterprise Management Systems
Request for Tender No 83-15 Performance Audit Liquor Bond Business Enterprise
Request for Tender No 84-15 Performance Audit Workers Compensation Scheme
RFQ - 39_16 MinorConstructionWorksNewCouncilChambers.pdf
RMS QA SPecification B80.pdf
Tender 08_13 HR Database.pdf
Tender Cascade Jetty.pdf
Tender Excavator for Headstone Bridge.pdf
Tender for Provision of Land Valuation Services on NI - re v5.pdf
Tender Headstone Bridge.pdf
Tender No 5-14 Stock management services.pdf
Tender shed for quarantine purposes Final.pdf
Tender Stock Slaughtering Inpection.pdf
Tender1-14 upgrade land titles system.pdf