200402 Internet & Email Usage [Revised June 2015].pdf
200408 Guidelines for Assessment of Sports Promotion Applications [Revised January 2016].pdf
201403 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) [Revised August 2015].pdf
201404 Asset Management [Revised August 2015].pdf
201405 FMIS Access Policy [Revised May 2015].pdf
201406 Attachment - Conflict of Interest Declaration Form.pdf
201406 Conflict of Interest - Declaration of Personal & Financial Interests [Revised August 2015].pdf
201407 Fraud and Corruption Risk Management [Revised August 2015].pdf
201408 Studies Assistance [Revised August 2015].pdf
201410 I.T. Software, Hardware & External I.T. Support Services Procurement [Revised December 2015].pdf
201411 Management and Use of the ANI Facebook Page.pdf
201412 Radio Norfolk Policy on Programming.pdf
201413 Use of Administrations Motor Vehicle Fleet [Revised February 2016].pdf
201502 Complaints Handling [Revised March 2016].pdf
201503 New Employee Probation.pdf
201504 Reimbursement of Recreation Travel Allowance.pdf
201505 Higher Duties Allowance (HDA).pdf
201506 Safe Asbestos Removal and Disposal Practices.pdf
201507 Goods Donated as Sponsorship for Local Events or Functions.pdf
201508 Time Off in Lieu (TOIL).pdf
201509 Ex-Gratia Payments.pdf
201510 Norfolk Telecom Making Calls Using the Alternate Telephone Number Range .pdf
201512 Application & Acquittal Process Business Travel & Allowances.pdf
201514 Requests for Rock Materials.pdf
201515 Recognition of Service [Revised February 2016].pdf
201516 Secondary Employment.pdf
201518 Use of Personal Social Media by Staff under the Code of .pdf
201519 Employee Records.pdf
201601 ReimbursementofConsultants&ContractorsOutofPocketExpenses.pdf
201606 Radio Norfolk Election Broadcasting Policy.pdf